The Mentors listed in this directory have completed various levels of training: Certified (highest level); Advanced; or Beginning. There are also listings for Certified Birthing From Within Doulas.

All of our Mentors & Doulas actively receive ongoing training, support, and supervision from Birthing From Within, and only those listed here are authentically representing our philosophy, methods, and approach. Please be aware that if a person's name is not in this directory, they may not teaching true Birthing From Within classes, and are not permitted to represent our program. (Some of our Mentors have chosen to not have a directory listing. Please check with Birthing From Within if you have any questions.)

Our Mentors are found worldwide, including in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Israel, Croatia, and Turkey. If you cannot find someone in your community, then consider taking a class with Pam England or another Certified Mentor through Skype or phone. CONTACT US or learn more HERE.

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Terezie Palmer

Advanced Mentor

Springfield, VA
22150 USA

Clara Annibal

Beginning Mentor

Baltimore, MD
21202 USA

Heather Self

Beginning Mentor

Harper's Ferry, WV
25425 USA